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William S. Dockens III
A brief, two years, introduction from George Westerman prepared William S. Dockens III for study under Dr. William C. C. Hu. In addition to having his family’s style of T’ai Chi, Dr Hu is an often cited Chinese academician, author and authority on other aspects of the Chinese culture in addition to the martial arts.

Hu’s style is a branch of the Yang school. Though the principles are the same, Hu’s movements are more compact than the very popular, large movements taught by students of Yang Chen-Fu. In most respects, the Hu style resembles more the movements of Chen-Fu’s brother, Yang Sou-Hou and their uncle, Yang Pan-Hou. The small movements of T’ai Chi show the influence of Wu Yu-Seong, a student of Grand Master Yang Lu-Chan. Wu added the compacted style after studying with Chen Ching-Ping.

Called ”Fire and Thunder” Dockens style and method of teaching are greatly influenced by that of his teacher. Emphasis is on pragmatic application. More than four decades of study, three decades of teaching and strategic visits by Dr. Hu, have meant that the style has matured, rather than stagnated. An extensive literature that includes W. C. C. Hu’s and Da Liu’s essays on Chinese culture provides background.

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